28 Apr 2010, 6:04pm
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Shine Rural Social Enterprise

Where: Shine Unconference

When: Friday 14th May 2010 Pod 1 3:00PM to 4:10PM
About: Rural social enterprise is growing fast. It’s set to become a huge force in the development of rural economies, as traditional agriculture continues to decline. But the people driving the change are currently out of the support-network enjoyed by the cities. There is a huge opportunity for rural and urban social entrepreneurs to connect and partner, to build the network and further the overall growth of social enterprise. So how can you, the SHINE participant, support and in turn benefit from the renovation of the countryside?

Join us in this this practical session with Clear Village and The Hub. Limina is developing rural Hubs to support entrepreneurs and we are inviting you to get involved. In this session, get to grips with the ways we can we build better connections…

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