15 Apr 2010, 6:00pm
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Hub Lunch | Rural Hubs

Wednesday 12th May, Hub Islington, 1-2pm

Now it’s spring and the leaves are beginning to unfurl, don’t you just want to run about outdoors? What if there was a network of rural Hubs where you could get into the verdant British countryside and work remotely?

Would you like to swim in a river after work and eat freshly grown produce? Hold events and workshops in peaceful and grounded surroundings, get you hands in the soil and wake up to wide horizons and birdsong?

What benefits do you think social entrepreneurs could take to the countryside? What could you gain whilst you were there?

Could we help build rural enterprise and extend the Hub network?

Join us for the discussion and bring food to share! Contact rsvp@limina.org.uk for more information

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