7 Dec 2010, 4:37pm

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What are social networks?

The word ‘social’ has taken a whole new life over the last few years: social media, social networks, the social web. These new terms represent a massive change in the importance of the Internet in our social lives and, in my opinion, an important development in how we go about getting stuff done.

Coming from an eco, ethical and/or green point-of-view, the social web has done some amazing things for various causes. Online petitions, crowd-sourced funding, collaborative opportunities, almost unlimited access to experts and resources… the benefits of these connections are far reaching and often unpredictable.

I work for an online green community called Project Dirt – we’re proud to have over 400 London-based projects, all making real environmental changes in their area. Our role first and foremost is as a melting-pot, providing all those groups and networks a shared space to communicate their expertise and experiences; a place to ‘bump heads’ in the online world. In fact, it’s those virtual ‘chance encounters’ that often lead to the most rewarding outcomes – experience shared, partnerships formed or solutions discovered.

To my mind, the more information, expertise, experience and ideas that are shared in a constructive way online, the more real achievements this social web will be able to boast of. Of course, structuring those shared spaces and creating valuable opportunities for connections to form is a challenge – there’s always a danger of ‘information overload’.

That’s where organisations like Project Dirt and Limina come into play; opening doors, creating opportunities and supporting positive action. Lucy Langdon

20 Sep 2010, 12:16pm

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Introduction to Permaculture Weekend

23-24th October 2010
The Quadrangle Trust
Permaculture is an approach to design that mimics relationships found in natural ecosystems.
This taster weekend will include:
-Ethics and principles
-Design skills applied to food growing
-Examples of permaculture the UK and beyond
-An observation exercise
-Video case studies
-Practical exercises
-An overview of the permaculture network and your local projects.
-Next steps for you to design where you live.

More Details
Costs: Non-residential: £100/80 (concessions for unemployed and senior citizens)
Residential: £120/100
For more information and to book email jessie@limina.org.uk

28 Aug 2010, 11:15am

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Limina Autumn Weekender

How do you want to live? Part II
15 – 17 October

Join us to work on the land at the Quadrangle and look at ways of weaving city life with rural living.
Get together | work in the woods | eat good food | be with good people | talk about how you want to live | take it all one step further | and have fun.

£20/30 + food. Real beds for the first 16 to book, then camping. Family rooms available. Friday and Saturday night £30. Saturday night only £20

This is an event for all friends of Limina, The Quadrangle Trust and people who are exploring different ways of life.

For more info see or to book please email jessie@limina.org.uk

13 Aug 2010, 12:47pm

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The Feast of Strangers

The Oxford Muse & Theodore Zeldin invite you to join him in celebrating his birthday by having a conversation with someone you do not know.

The Feast of Strangers
Hosted in collaboration with Limina and Green Sundays will be held this year in Hyde Park 2.30 – 4.30 pm

Please come to Speakers Corner at 2.30 to hear him explain the Menu of Conversation, which gives you 25 topics to choose from.

The Feast of Strangers gives people from all walks of life – from different countries, religions, sectors, industries and from across the political spectrum a unique opportunity to connect and find out about each other.

Please bring refreshments and a rug. All welcome.

No birthday presents please! But generous donations to the Oxford Muse would be greatly appreciated. It is a Registered Charity and relies entirely on gifts from well-wishers.

29 Jul 2010, 3:43pm

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Art of Conversation Tours around London

ART OF CONVERSATION aboard a Routemaster touring London.

Interactive tours launched to break the silence amongst commuters.

Ever sat on the bus or train staring down a packed carriage, trying to avoid eye contact with your fellow travellers, and thinking how strange it is that no-one utters a word to each other?!

Limina and Global Cool have!

We will be hosting a series of talks designed to get tongues wagging.
Launching on Thursday 29th July with a seminar on the Art of Conversation, to give you a few helpful hints on how to get the conversation flowing with your fellow commuters.

So next time you see that girl/boy you fancy, you want to share someone’s morning paper, or you’re standing uncomfortably close to a complete stranger, you’ll know exactly what to say!

The events are FREE and will be held weekly on a Routemaster bus, picking up from Hyde Park.

The Art of Conversation lectures launch Thursday 29th July, then weekly until Thursday 19th August. The Routemaster bus leaves at 7:00pm. Starting at speakers cornerNorth Carriage Drive, Hyde Park (Marble Arch closest tube) and taking a scenic journey around central London.

Limited seats – allocated on a first come, first served basis. RSVP to getinvolved@globalcool.org to reserve your sea. For more info, log in to www.globalcool.org